Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom and Dad

This weekend my Mom and Dad went for some bike rides; they rode together on Coronado and Mom hit her first rain ride as she rode up and back to Carlsbad. They basically rock when it comes to parents who have recovered from being parents of kids who are now parents of married kids. I guess "recovered" is a good word since I have done a decent job of putting them through interesting situations even after I left the nest!

On Friday I called my Mom to get a first hand account of what it's like to get a colonoscopy. I have started teaching my Biotech students my cancer unit and we got caught up in a discussion about colon cancer. We watched Katie Couric's Colonoscopy (which she did after her husband died of colon cancer) and the kids wanted to know what it felt like. I said, "Well, I've never had one but I know someone who has. Let's call my parents." Dad was out on a lunchtime bike ride (you rock, dad!) but Mom answered as she was standing in line at the grocery store (you rock, too, mom!). I held my cell phone up to the class and put her on speaker phone. She described a bit and my students gave the best oooohs and aaaaahs (not in the excited way, but in the grossed out way) that a teacher could ask for.

Yet again, I never know what to expect from a day "at the office".