Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lil' Wayne

Today my Biology students started presentations of their Cell Analogy Projects. Most students did decent posters on which they drew diagrams of a typical cell and something they considered to be analogous: the classroom (complete with a drawing of me as the 'nucleus', with rather broad shoulders but a nice small waist and funky shoes); a stadium; a car (and they did a darn good job of matching the parts of a car to similar parts in a cell); a house and so on. We set up classroom norms for doing presentations and everyone was polite and well-mannered so kids had little problem getting up in front of the class - nice!
The piece de resistance (French, please) happened 5th period when the most unsuspecting of the lot got up in front of the room, put on a CD of Lil' Wayne (A Milli) and performed a rap about how a cell is like a football stadium complete with details about stadium gates and security guards, trash disposal, and the aisles between the seats likened to the Endoplasmic Reticulum. This was not the thrown-down phat pharm or crunk hyphie kid who is always beat boxing - just the short, skinny kid in braces who decided he could rap about cells.

Needless to say I was so proud of him and of the class. They gave him the best round of applause and were genuinely impressed.
So, for all those nay-sayers of sex-drug-gang-laden rap it's given this "F" student a huge boost to his confidence and his grade! Thanks, Lil' Wayne!

Today's Homework: Find a new song to re-write to the theme of human genetics

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Mel said...

You have to watch out for the unsuspecting ones, they have all of the talent. Word!