Saturday, October 4, 2008

I need another fish

Last spring David and I ventured out to a hidden warehouse at SFO on a typical foggy morning. We took a few wrong turns into empty parking lots and when we finally entered the appropriate building I presented my badge. We were allowed into a cool, dusty room with scavengers trolling about. We were in an exclusive garage sale for science teachers - and everything was free!

Biotech companies from the Bay Area donate their excess stuff and it makes for a veritable scene of Science Teachers Gone Wild!

I got an incubator, hundreds of micropipette tips, petri dishes, tubing, and a giant Erlenmeyer flask. When we got home David set about to make a fish tank out of the flask. He bought 3 fish and 2 of them promptly died. He fashioned a dead-fish-removal device out of a plastic knife, plastic fork and some masking tape. The lone fish lived with the fish tank rocks and circled about mindlessly. It lived in our kitchen, and during our honeymoon it lived in Katie and Tim's kitchen. Now it lives in Room 37 at RCHS. Marco feeds the fish everyday during 6th period and Luiza looks at it with disdain because she can't imagine a fish surviving with no friends. She has even offered to give me $5 to go buy another fish (specifically a plecostomus so that it will eat the algae - I think Luiza may be grossed out by the algae too since she sits right next to the increasingly green "tank"). I told her to write me a message on the board to remind me to get a new fish.

I was out of class for two days for a training seminar this week. When I returned to my classroom on Friday there was a sizeable note on the board that read, "Please buy a new fish. Love you."

Today's homework: go to PetCo and get a proper fish tank and a few proper fish for Luiza to see and Marco to feed

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