Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 years, 5000 miles

5 years ago I found out I had a few naughty cells in my body growing out of control.

5000 miles ago I bought my road bike and took it for its first ride.

I'm not sure which of those events has had more of an impact on my life.

Each year I teach a unit on Cell Biology and Cancer. I tell my students that, since 1 out of 3 of them will likely have cancer or care for a loved one with cancer, it is absolutely necessary that they learn about it and become aware of prevention and care that is available. Last year my students made magazine advertisements for skin cancer prevention and I sprayed them with sunblock as they left my class on the last day before summer break!

Each year I go through my own "cycling season". This year I am going to try to break out of my fairweather riding habit and ride even when it's not perfect outside. I love commuting to work with Mrs. Mach (even though we must sacrifice Starbuck's on those days) and my honeymoon up the coast of California with The Coyote was entirely unforgettable. In a couple of weeks Mom and Dad and a handful of friends are bringing their bikes to Davis to ride Foxy's Fall Century. I'm so excited - mostly for drafting off of big groups of people, for the great food stops and for the drinks afterwards!

I hope to cycle more and more and more and to teach many more students how to be advocates for their own good health.

Today's homework: go 5 more years sans cancer and ride 5000 more miles!


saramach said...

Extra Credit: Be a teacher for 5 more years. Hahahaha. That was a funny one!

Anne said...

5 years went by fast didn't it!